How to Activate Standard, Professional or Enterprise Edition

An installation of CompleteFTP Standard, Professional or Enterprise Edition may be activated once a license has been purchased. Licenses may be ordered from the EnterpriseDT web-site.

Once your order has been processed a message will be sent to the technical contact e-mail address that you provided. This message will contain the Purchase Reference of your order, your user-name and a link that you can use to set your password. You will need your password to activate your installation. Once you have your password please complete the following steps:

  1. Open CompleteFTP Manager and connect to your server.
  2. Select the Licensing tab.
  3. Click 'Apply purchased license'.
  4. If the computer on which CompleteFTP Manager is running has an Internet connection then enter the Purchase Reference, user-name and password and click Activate. CompleteFTP Manager will then complete the activation automatically.
  5. If the computer on which CompleteFTP Manager is running has no Internet connection then click the link at the top of the form to open the Browser-Based Activation form, then
    1. Enter the Purchase Reference in step 1.
    2. Click the link marked 'copy' in step 2 to copy it to the clipboard.
    3. Send the link a computer that does have Internet access and open it.
    4. On the web-page that opens enter your user-name and password.
    5. Copy the Activation Key shown on the web-page to the clipboard.
    6. Send the Activation Key to the computer that's running CompleteFTP.
    7. Paste the Activation Key into the field in step 4.
    8. Click OK to complete activation.

Activating with a Universal Activation Key

  1. Run the CompleteFTP manager and connect to the CompleteFTP server instance that you wish to activate (the server instance - the CompleteFTP Windows service - may be running on another machine).
  2. Select the "Licensing" menu item from the list on the left in the manager, and then select the "Apply purchased license" link.
  3. In the 'Direct Activation' form, click the'here' link at the top to open the 'Browser-Based Activation' form.
  4. Paste the universal AK you have been sent into the CompleteFTP manager in Step 4. Select "OK" and it should now be activated, and the license details should be displayed.

For instructions with pictures on how to activate the paid editions, please refer to Step-by-step guide: Activate the paid editions.

If you need to move an instance of CompleteFTP from one server to another, or are having difficulties with activating, please open a ticket at the EnterpriseDT Helpdesk.