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File sharing vs file storing

CompleteBox is an application installed on user's computers that allows them to easily store and share their files on a CompleteFTP server machine set up for this purpose.

Sharing a file means that the file is uploaded to the server and a public URL is generated by which others can download the shared file. You share a file so others can have access to it. A shared file is marked as "Shared", and has a link icon superimposed on its file icon.

Storing a file means that the file is uploaded to the server for the user's private use. No URL is available, and no-one other than the user can access the file. A stored file is marked as "Stored".

Why store and not share?

There are two reasons why a CompleteBox user might use file storage without sharing.

Backup. The first reason is that it is a useful way to quickly back up files onto a server. Select and upload, and your local files are now safely stored in case of a local machine failure.

File synchronization. The second reason is for private synchronization of files between machines. If you work in two locations (e.g. a work location and a home location), you can upload from one machine, and later download onto another. CompleteBox file synchronization will help you to keep files on both machines identical.