License Transfers

All of our products have non-transferable licenses; however we are generally happy to transfer licenses on request. For example, if your company is purchased and you wish to transfer your EDT licenses to the new owners, we will normally agree.

We do however charge a transfer fee as detailed below, based on the license that you have purchased (primarily because of the administrative overhead involved). The transfer fee must be paid before the transfer can be effected, and before any letters of consent are signed by us.

If you don’t have a current support agreement, paying the transfer fee will not provide you with one. We will also transfer the balance of your existing support agreement, and in the case of Lifetime Support, we will credit you with 12 months of support (as Lifetime Support Agreements are no longer sold).

Please email to confirm we agree to the transfer, and if you are unsure about which license your company currently holds.

All prices are listed in US dollars. Online transactions are safely and securely handled through Share-It. You can also send us a purchase order, use PayPal, send us a wire transfer, or use a reseller.

License to Transfer Price Purchase Product ID
Individual Developer License $100.00 Add to cart 300302945
Team Developer License $200.00 Add to cart 300302946
Corporate Developer License $500.00 Add to cart 300302947