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Tue May 18, 2004 8:30 am

[ANN] edtFTPnet/PRO 1.0.7 released

by support2 » Wed Sep 21, 2005 7:00 am

Enterprise Distributed Technologies is happy to announce the immediate
release of edtFTPnet/PRO 1.0.7, which is a commercial derivative of
edtFTPnet, the popular Open Source FTP .NET component.

In addition to the capabilities and many features of edtFTPnet,
edtFTPnet/PRO supports SOCKS proxies and secure FTP,
known as FTPS.

In this release:

* Assembly is now signed with a strong name
* Fixed bug in multiple file/recursive methods
* Now accepts 213 reply for SYST
* Added extra test for no files found string comparisions for OS/390
* Changed cancel processing to not use abort()
* Tweaked reply processing to remove possibility of NullPointerException
* Make Restart() public


http://www.enterprisedt.com/products/ed ... rview.html

to download a trial version and for more details.

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