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edFTPj/PRO 2.1.1 released

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Tue May 18, 2004 8:30 am

edFTPj/PRO 2.1.1 released

by support2 » Tue Nov 18, 2008 4:02 pm

Enterprise Distributed Technologies is pleased to announce the immediate release of edtFTPj/PRO 2.1.1, the leading secure FTP Java client library.

This enhancement of edtFTPj/PRO includes the following changes:

* ScriptEngine now correctly returns 0 exit status for successful execution, 1 otherwise.
* Added support for unicode ASN.1 string type in SSL certificates (solves "Not a PrintableString or IA5String or UTFString" error)
* FTPException.toString() now includes the reply code if it exists.
* Fixed SFTP problem where client was hanging transfering a file to WinSSHD. This was due to the client trying to send more data than was available in the server's data window. If the server increased the window but it was still less than the size of the data block, the client hung.
* Fixed problem where server replies had embedded \r chars. This meant it was wrongly thought that the reply was complete, when in fact more was to come (resulting in out of order replies further along).


http://www.enterprisedt.com/products/ed ... rview.html

for more details and trial downloads.

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