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edFTPj/PRO 2.1.0 released

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Tue May 18, 2004 8:30 am

edFTPj/PRO 2.1.0 released

by support2 » Thu Sep 25, 2008 5:07 pm

Enterprise Distributed Technologies is pleased to announce the immediate release of edtFTPj/PRO 2.1.0, the leading secure FTP Java client library.

This enhancement of edtFTPj/PRO includes the following changes:

* Fix OpenSSH public key parsing so that comments are optional, not required.
* Now supports OpenSSH private key files encrypted using DES-EDE3-CFB.
* Added ability to disable rekeying after 1 GB for SFTP.
* Fixed bug in SSHFTPClient.dirDetails() where the permissions string was not being returned.
* Added setPermissions() to SecureFileTransferClient and AsyncFileTransferClient.
* Added 'quote' and 'site' commands to scripting language.
* Fixed bug where control socket isn't closed if connect succeeds but initial commands fail, or handshake fails.
* Refactored directory listing parsing.
* Add FTPFile.isFile().
* Fixed bug in and
* Fix bug in Logger where edtftp.log.level property is not set correctly.
* Print out CodeSource in logging.
* Fix bug applying umask to permissions in SFTP.
* Use FXF_TRUNC when creating a new file (some servers insist on it).
* Add DISABLE_CHMOD_AFTER_CREATE_DIR config flag for SSHFTPClient, for disabling setting permissions on a directory that has just been created (on rare occasions problematic).
* For resuming uploads, now send SIZE prior to establishing data socket.
* Implement automatic retry for FTP/S transfers.

See ... rview.html

for more details and trial downloads.

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