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Tue May 18, 2004 8:30 am

edtFTPnet/PRO 5.1.0 released

by support2 » Mon Sep 08, 2008 9:36 pm

Enterprise Distributed Technologies Ltd is very pleased to announce the immediate release of edtFTPnet/PRO 5.1.0 - an upgrade to EDT's popular software library for embedding secure file transfer functionality (SFTP and FTPS) in .NET applications.

Fixes and enhancements to edtFTPnet/PRO this release:

* Now compiled with .NET 2.0, compatible with 2.0, 3.0, 3.5+. Note that .NET 1.1 version is still available too.
* Fixed "Method not found: Void System.Security.Cryptography.KeyedHashAlgorithm.Finalize()" error with .NET 3.5 SP1.
* Added FXP support.
* Added RetryCount & RetryDelay for retrying failed transfers automatically.
* Added TimeLeftVisible & PercentageVisible to FTPStatusBar.
* Fixed TransferType bug - if AutoLogin was set to false and TransferType was set before connecting, it defaulted to ASCII.
* Add DISABLE_CHMOD_AFTER_CREATE_DIR config flag for SSHFTPClient, for disabling setting permissions on a directory that has just been created (on rare occasions problematic).
* For resuming uploads, now send SIZE prior to establishing data socket.
* Added TandemFileParser (not autodetect, must be set manually).
* Fixed SFTP bug where if a directory was supplied to DownloadFile, the remote filename was not appended.
* Synchronize now creates empty directories.

See ... rview.html

to download a trial version and for more details.

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