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Tue May 18, 2004 8:30 am

edtFTPnet/PR0 5.0.2 released

by support2 » Fri Feb 15, 2008 11:16 am

Enterprise Distributed Technologies Ltd is very pleased to announce the immediate release of edtFTPnet/PRO 5.0.2 - an upgrade to EDT's popular software library for embedding secure file transfer functionality in .NET applications.

Fixes and enhancements to edtFTPnet/PRO this release:

* Added FTPConnectionClosedException, thrown when a 421 reply is received.
* Timeout now applies to SSL handshake. Previously, if the server hung in the handshake it would hang the client.
* Fixed NullReferenceException that could occur when listing empty directories in SFTP (only for certain SFTP servers).
* Installer now works to install components in toolbox for Visual Basic 2005.
* Fixed bug in FTPSynchronizeView.
* Fixed bug re DeleteIfSourceAbsent in FTPSynchronizer.
* Added hmac-md5 for SSH.
* Don't allow an idle time of 0 s.
* Added customizable DragDrop event for FTPLocalFileList & FTPRemoteFileList.
* Fix StackOverflowException when dragging large files from FTPRemoteFileList to FTPLocalFileList.
* Removed trailing slashes from resolved remote paths in SFTP.


http://www.enterprisedt.com/products/ed ... rview.html

to download a trial version and for more details.

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