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Tue May 18, 2004 8:30 am

[ANN] edtFTPj/PRO 1.4.0 released (FTPS and SFTP client)

by support2 » Fri Mar 23, 2007 2:43 pm

Enterprise Distributed Technologies is happy to announce the immediate
release of edtFTPj/PRO 1.4.0, which is an enhanced version of edtFTPj
that supports an API including directory transfers, FTPS (FTP over SSL),
and SFTP (FTP via SSH).

This release has:

# Introduced FTPInputStream and FTPOutputStream for use with FTPClient, ProFTPClient and SSLFTPClient.
# Fix ASCII mode bugs whereby some line terminators are incorrectly handled (FTP/S and SFTP).
# Allow the SFTP subsystem path to be set.
# Download operations append the remote filename to the local path if the local path is a directory.
# Fixed autodetect transfer mode bug where actual mode was not being changed on the FTP server.
# FTPTransferCancelledException now thrown for FTP/S transfers if the transfer is cancelled.
# SSHFTPClient.dirDetails() now can cope with single filenames and filename wildcards.
# Added getVMSParser() to FTPFileFactory, permitting the VMSParser to be directly configured (and added is/setVersionInName() and get/setBlockSize() to VMSFileParser). Directory names returned now have ".DIR" trimmed off them.


http://www.enterprisedt.com/products/ed ... rview.html

for more details.

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