Australian census fail

We outlined numerous privacy concerns with the 2016 Australian census recently.  These concerns included the change to compulsory names and addresses, and the potential problems with online collection of highly personal data. Last night was census night, 9 August 2016, and we saw the Australian census fail.

In fact, census night was an utter disaster.  The site […]

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By |August 10th, 2016
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Ransomware again

We only just discussed the growing threat of ransomware – cyberattacks where victims’ data is encrypted by attackers and they must pay a fee to have their data decrypted.

The University of Calgary confirmed this week that it has been forced to pay $20,000 in bitcoins to decrypt its email server and other files after a ransomware attack. Apparently, decryption […]

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By |June 11th, 2016
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