Multi-protocol gateway

CompleteFTP 6.2.0 has been released, and contains an exciting new feature in the Enterprise Edition called the multi-protocol gateway.

Basically, CompleteFTP can act as a gateway to other servers. It can present any of its own protocols to a client, and translate them into a different protocol to talk to another server. The client will be […]

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By |December 30th, 2011
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CompleteFTP 6.0 released!

CompleteFTP 6.0 has been released, and is available now.

This major update includes numerous new features that will be of considerable interest.

The Enterprise Edition continues to evolve. Support for multiple sites has been added, so that (for example) a single server can listen on the standard protocol ports for one group of users, and a […]

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CompleteFTP Enterprise Edition released!

CompleteFTP Enterprise Edition has been released, and is available now.

The Enterprise Edition is aimed at users wanting enterprise features such as customization, multiple sites and built in failover.

This version of Enterprise Edition introduces .NET extensions for customization of authentication, filesystems, events and site commands. Now customers can plug in their own authentication mechanisms, […]

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edtFTPnet/Express discontinued

edtFTPnet/Express has been discontinued, and is no longer available for sale.
Most customers opt for edtFTPnet/PRO, and since all the functionality of edtFTPnet/Express (and a lot more) is included in edtFTPnet/PRO, we have made the decision to drop edtFTPnet/Express – it has simply become inefficient to support both products. Instead, we will be able to concentrate better on […]

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By |September 23rd, 2010
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