FBI unlocks iPhone without Apple

Last week we reported that the FBI thought that they may be able to unlock the infamous iPhone without the help of Apple. Apparently, they were approached by a third party who had a solution. The FBI vacated the court order forcing Apple to produce a version of iOS that would allow the FBI to […]

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Snoopers’ charter update

The UK’s now infamous “snoopers’ charter” (officially the Investigatory Powers Bill) was debated in parliament recently and has proceeded to the committee stage.

It has been heavily criticized for the speed at which it has pushed forward by the government. This is despite significant criticism from many different parties.

An overview of the main areas impacted by […]

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Maybe the FBI can unlock the iPhone

Today Apple and the FBI were to face each other in court over Apple’s refusal to provide a build of iOS to unlock a domestic terrorist’s iPhone.

The hearing has suddenly been vacated with the agreement of Apple. According to the court documents, “an outside party demonstrated to the FBI a possible method for unlocking Farook’s […]

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Android malware targets banking apps

A sophisticated new piece of android malware is targeting Android users of banking apps for the largest banks in Australia, New Zealand and Turkey.

When the user logs in their banking app, Android/Spy.Agent.SI (its name, designated by ESET) puts up a fake login screen to capture their username or id and their password. These details are sent on […]

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Amazon backtracks on FireOS encryption

That was quick! We posted a story on Friday about how Amazon has disabled device encryption on its FireOS devices. It was an optional feature that few used, but a very useful one – and those users kicked up quite a fuss.

Now there are numerous reports that Amazon has backtracked. Apparently, Amazon spokeswoman Robin Handaly […]

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Amazon disables FireOS encryption

While Apple battles the FBI over their demand for software to unlock an iPhone, Amazon has disabled encryption in its Fire devices. Any device running FireOS 5 or later will no longer support encryption.

FireOS is used on Fire phones and the Kindle Fire tablet, and is Amazon’s derivative of the Android mobile operating system. Phones and tablets can […]

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SSL DROWN attack

There’s a new SSL/TLS attack called DROWN (Decrypting RSA with Obsolete and Weakened eNcryption).  It’s not quite as bad as Heartbleed, but it potentially affects a significant percentage of HTTP servers (33%!), as well as mail servers and anything else using SSL.

The vulnerability is in the obsolete SSL 2.0 protocol – fortunately not supported by our server, CompleteFTP, which […]

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Critical DNS security flaw found

A nasty bug has been found in the software that translates Internet computer names (hostnames) into numerical addresses that computers on a network can use (IP addresses).  This is known as DNS software, which stands for Domain Name System.

When you navigate to in your web browser, your machine’s DNS software contacts a DNS server […]

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Apple warns its customers about backdoors

Apple today released a letter to its customers that is extraordinary in its content, and strongly related to today’s post about the UK’s “snooper’s charter”. The UK government has stated they do not want to mandate backdoors into security products.

The situation has suddenly become very different in the US. Apple is claiming that the […]

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edtFTPj/PRO adds TLS 1.2

We’ve just released edtFTPj/PRO 5.0, adding support for TLS 1.2.

At the start of the new year, it’s interesting to look back over the release history of edtFTPj/PRO. Amazingly, it’s been over 12 years since 1.0 was released with basic support for FTPS! And it was based on the open source Java FTP client, edtFTPj/Free, which was released […]

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