About Bruce Blackshaw

Bruce has been writing software professionally for almost 25 years, and has worked in a number of industries, including commercial software development and investment banking. He has wide experience in encryption, security, and network protocols such as SSL/TLS, SSH, SFTP and FTPS. Bruce currently works on developing CompleteFTP.

IoT security

We’ve previously discussed the poor security of many devices on the Internet of Things (IoT) – the network of “smart” devices connected by the Internet. Unfortunately in their race to implement features, vendors seem to rate IoT security very low on their list of priorities. Often, IoT devices are protected by factory default or hard-coded usernames and passwords. […]

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Planning for server reliability

Server reliability is of primary importance in our networked world. Billions of dollars in e-commerce is utterly dependent on reliable servers and reliable networks connecting those servers to users.

The Australian stock exchange (ASX) recently had a bad day when their trading system failed. Market opening was delayed by 90 minutes, and after experiencing problems during trading, they were […]

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Massive Yahoo hack confirmed

Yahoo has confirmed it has suffered the largest data breach in history, potentially affecting 500 million user accounts.  This Yahoo hack beats the huge Myspace hack of a few months ago.

If you have a Yahoo account, have you been affected? The best course of action (given the huge number of user accounts affected) is […]

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How to secure your SFTP server

This article lists the six most important tips for securing your SFTP server.

If your server has a direct connection to the Internet, this is critically important – the Internet is flooded with bots that are port scanning every IP address available. Once a SFTP server is made available to the Internet, it is often […]

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The danger of legacy protocols


Legacy server protocols can be dangerous, particularly those which were once widely used and are no longer well known. Why do these legacy protocols present a danger? Because people forget they exist – and younger IT workers may never have encountered them.

This issue was recently highlighted in an interesting blog post about the telnet protocol. Telnet, created […]

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Australian census fail

We outlined numerous privacy concerns with the 2016 Australian census recently.  These concerns included the change to compulsory names and addresses, and the potential problems with online collection of highly personal data. Last night was census night, 9 August 2016, and we saw the Australian census fail.

In fact, census night was an utter disaster.  The site […]

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Privacy concerns with Australian census

There are serious privacy concerns with the forthcoming Australian census.

The Australian Census is Australia’s biggest survey. Conducted every five years by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), it asks a range of questions of all 10 million households and 24 million people. The results are intended to guide government policy over the next few years.

Unfortunately, there’s been some […]

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CompleteFTP Free Edition released

We’ve just released CompleteFTP Free Edition, a free version of our popular CompleteFTP secure file server supporting FTP and FTPS. Completely free for commercial use, it is a direct competitor to Filezilla server, which supports the same protocols.

Why would you use CompleteFTP Free instead of Filezilla server? Some of the key reasons are:

it’s a commercial product, and it is not in […]

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Brexit and IT security

There are many uncertainties regarding the UK’s recent referendum vote to leave the EU. Only time will tell if the benefits of “taking back control” will outweigh the short term costs.  But this isn’t a political blog, and so we won’t be discussing the wider implications of leaving the EU. Here, we’re interested in […]

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Massive account takeover attacks

The massive account takeover attacks reported by Akamai recently illustrate what corporations are up against when it comes to cyberattacks.

Account takeover attacks are when cyber-attackers obtain credentials from a stolen password dump or through a SQL injection attack. They then try to validate the usernames and passwords that have been stolen by logging into […]

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