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Bruce has been writing software professionally for almost 25 years, and has worked in a number of industries, including commercial software development and investment banking. He has wide experience in encryption, security, and network protocols such as SSL/TLS, SSH, SFTP and FTPS. Bruce currently works on developing CompleteFTP.

CompleteFTP clustering basics

Clustering is when a group of several servers work together to accomplish a task or function, appearing as a single unit to clients.  The primary purpose is to provide resilience – a server in the cluster may fail but clients should ideally not even be aware of it.

The CompleteFTP User Guide has a useful section […]

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Modifying folder paths in CompleteFTP

A CompleteFTP user recently asked us about an easy way to change lots of folder paths. They are moving all their folders in CompleteFTP to a different location. They have far too many folders to update the paths one by one in the manager application.

Fortunately, there is an easier way.

All of CompleteFTP’s configuration data […]

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How to enable long filenames in CompleteFTP

Windows has restricted the length of filenames to 26o characters for many years. For most CompleteFTP users, this isn’t an issue, but occasionally other applications generate ridiculously long filenames that they then need to send to CompleteFTP.

With Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016, this restriction finally has a workaround (although it is not the […]

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How secure is SFTP?

SFTP is a network protocol for transferring files securely over a computer network. Its full name is the SSH File Transfer Protocol, and as it implies, SFTP is a set of commands that runs over another protocol known as SSH, or Secure Shell.

SSH is what provides SFTP with its security, and so […]

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Distributing private keys for SFTP servers

A common method of authenticating users in SFTP servers such as CompleteFTP is public key authentication.

In public key authentication,  what is called a key pair is used, consisting of two related cryptographic keys: the public key and the private key. The special property of any key pair is that data encrypted with one can only […]

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NHS ransomware attack

We wrote about ransomware attacks almost a year ago, warning they would become more prevalent.

Now, the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) has suffered massive disruptions as a result of a ransomware attack. Apparently numerous countries have been hit by the malware, known as WannaCrypt, which was first spotted on 12 May.

Ransomware is usually […]

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How to set up a free FTPS server on Windows

Filezilla server?
Until recently, the easiest way to get a free FTPS server up and running on Windows was to download and install Filezilla server. Simple, free and robust, Filezilla server was a perfectly adequate solution.

But there were some nagging issues. Filezilla server has never managed to make it out of beta status, and that’s […]

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IoT security

We’ve previously discussed the poor security of many devices on the Internet of Things (IoT) – the network of “smart” devices connected by the Internet. Unfortunately in their race to implement features, vendors seem to rate IoT security very low on their list of priorities. Often, IoT devices are protected by factory default or hard-coded usernames and passwords. […]

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Planning for server reliability

Server reliability is of primary importance in our networked world. Billions of dollars in e-commerce is utterly dependent on reliable servers and reliable networks connecting those servers to users.

The Australian stock exchange (ASX) recently had a bad day when their trading system failed. Market opening was delayed by 90 minutes, and after experiencing problems during trading, they were […]

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Massive Yahoo hack confirmed

Yahoo has confirmed it has suffered the largest data breach in history, potentially affecting 500 million user accounts.  This Yahoo hack beats the huge Myspace hack of a few months ago.

If you have a Yahoo account, have you been affected? The best course of action (given the huge number of user accounts affected) is […]

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