CompleteFTP – banning file extensions

We’ve just released CompleteFTP 8.1.2, which allows you to ban uploading files that have filenames matching the set filename filters.

So you can enter a filter such as *.exe , and any attempt to upload a file with a name matching that filter will result in an error. Files also cannot be renamed to have matching filenames, otherwise users could simply upload […]

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CompleteFTP – banning certain file extensions

We’re currently working on a feature for CompleteFTP that will allow you to ban uploads with certain file extensions.

So you’ll be able to enter *.pdf as an extension to be denied, and any attempt to upload a file with that extension will result in an error. Of course, this also requires denying rename attempts […]

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EnterpriseDT gets a website makeover

We’ve recently completed a complete makeover of our website. This has included updating the user forums to a more modern look, and the entire site is now responsive, i.e. easily viewable on a mobile device. We hope you like the result!

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Heartbleed – a catastrophe

According to Bruce Schneier, the “Heartbleed” OpenSSL bug is a catastrophic one.

Attackers can access all of a server’s memory, including user names, passwords, private keys – anything at all.

It’s probably safer not to use Internet banking and other services that rely on SSL to secure HTTP sessions for the time being, until your financial […]

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CompleteBox adds private file storage

CompleteFTP 8.1.0 has recently been released, and includes CompleteBox 1.1, which has some neat new features.

CompleteBox is a file sharing client that integrates with CompleteFTP. The most important of the new features is private storage. As well as sharing files publicly, users can now use CompleteBox to store their own files and retrieve them […]

CompleteFTP file-sharing

With the release of CompleteFTP 8.0 recently, collaborative file-sharing has been added to CompleteFTP’s many capabilities (in the Professional and Enterprise editions).

CompleteFTP now ships with a file-sharing client called CompleteBox. A user account must be set up on the CompleteFTP server, and the CompleteBox client installed on the user’s local machine. The user enters […]

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Port forwarding feature added

From version 7.4.0, CompleteFTP (Professional and Enterprise Editions only) supports local SSH port forwarding (often known as SSH tunneling). This means SSH tunnels can be established between a client machine and CompleteFTP that other protocols can use.

Why would you use SSH port forwarding (also called SSH tunneling)? There are two reasons – firewalls and […]

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CompleteFTP 8.0 to be released in Q4

CompleteFTP 8.0 will be released in Q4. It has some exciting new features.

Our DropBox-like client is in beta, and will be part of 8.0. For the first release, functionality is fairly simple but still very useful – the client is a Windows tray […]

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CompleteFTP and ZIP files

CompleteFTP 7.1.0 has just been released with a handy new feature – remote ZIP files can be displayed as folders, and browsed just like any other folder. Even better, individual files within the ZIP file can be downloaded separately. So instead of downloading a gigantic ZIP file, only the file that is actually required […]

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CompleteFTP 7.0 released!!

We are very pleased to announce that CompleteFTP 7.0 has been released!

The major new feature in 7.0 is support for clustering of multiple servers across different machines.

A single instance of CompleteFTP Manager can control multiple servers in a cluster. The servers in the cluster may be configured identically (useful for failover and load-balancing) or […]

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